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#1 A Brief History of Time - My Notes and Thoughts

Updated: Jul 31

Chapter 1: Our picture of the universe

  1. History of our understandings of the universe

  2. Flat Earth theory

  3. 340 BC Aristotle - "Earth is a round sphere"

  4. Aristotle & Ptolemy - Earth is stationary and is the center of our solar system

  5. 1514 Nicholas Copernicus- Earth and the other planets orbit the sun, Kepler and Galilei publicly supported Nicholas' theory

  6. 1609 Galileo started observing the sky with a telescope, this blew death to Ptolemy's theory - Earth is not the center of our solar system

  7. 1687 Newton developed mathematics to analyze motions in space and time

  8. 1929 Hubble made the landmark observation- the universe is expanding

  9. Einstein's relative theory- space and time are related and are variable

  10. The ultimate goal of science: to provide a single theory which describes the universe

  11. Today, scientists describe the universe in terms of 2 partial theories: the general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics

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