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First donation to ESpero

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Recently, ESpero just received the first NFT donation from My Magic Globe series!

My Magic Globe - Collection | OpenSea created an NFT called Magic Globe Ukraine. The magic globes can be transformed and acquire various unique images. This is a unique project from YOLORL, and each ball is unique and cannot be repeated, and its owner will have superpowers. Each of the magic globe has its own unique features. The founder decided to donate it to us, and the money will be transferred to the refugees.

In the future, hopefully we will work with the creator of My Magic Globe series, and create our own 3d NFT series promoting to help the life situations of Ukrainian refugees.

This first donation marks the beginning of a new model: in this model we can ask people to create and donate NFTs with Ukrainian cultures. Let's wait and see how the future goes. Fingers crossed!


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