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What did I do in MSF - APP?!

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

In the summer of 2022, I went to Europe for a full-time volunteering position to help the refugees in MSF. After talking about how the nonprofit functions, I would like to share some of my own experience.

During this summer, I have talked to all 80 people from different departments in MSF Norway, as my job requirement also states that I need to help coordinate different people's tasks and help with their technical problems. Most admirable person I met in MSF was the psychologist. She was a corporate psychologist with a very high salary in Finland. However, she joined MSF after she had heard about how the door-to-door fundraising volunteers were once violently treated by the crowd. In Asian culture, I have never heard of anyone willingly giving up her "prestigious" and "high-paid" job, and chooses to work under the minimum salary level to help people. That is why I am so impressed about her and find out that the world is really a place full of wonderful things. To be happy and fulfilled, one should follow his own heart instead of what the public thinks.

Back to my work in MSF. The fundraising team faced a difficulty of lacking of staff to check the entire IT inventories used during the fundraising.

Hence, my main task is to register all the IT inventories needed for our summer campaign. To make my job more efficient, I created an app that serves as an inventory management system for the whole company. Therefore, people can just upload the info about their electronics demand for their jobs and the summer campaign on the system, otherwise there will have to be a person who has to check the electronics one by one. Over the last two weeks, around 800 electronic devices in MSF Oslo have been registered on this system. I gave this app to this company and hopefully it will help MSF in the future.


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