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Moments in Oslo - Tennis!

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

My friends and I playing tennis in Norway

In the summer of 2022, I went to Norway as a full-time volunteer for an international nonprofit. What's more, as a person who is in love with tennis deeply, I contacted local tennis clubs for U18 tennis players, and got a wonderful opportunity to play with some of the best players at my age in Norway. Now I would like to share and compare my experience of playing tennis in Norway and Singapore.

To begin with, playing tennis in Singapore gives me the most exposure to different types of players in Asia. As a country well-known for its mixed cultures, Singapore offers tennis players different types of players from all over the world. Japanese players' quick footsteps, Indonesian players' high resistance against hot weather, Singaporean players' smart tricks, and Malaysian players' hard hitting style (most of them) can all be seen in Singapore. As for tennis in Norway, at least from my point of view, the players usually play a hard hitting style, mixed with a lot of volleys to finish up the points.

Secondly, the accessibility of tennis courts and training varies in Europe and Singapore. As a crowded city state, Singapore offers people various opportunities to pick up ocean sports, but not so many opportunities for picking up tennis. There are several ways for a junior player to ensure his training's consistency: he can choose to train at his condo's courts, or train in a professional club. Relatively speaking, junior tennis players are luckier in Norway. Take Oslo, for example: there are numerous places for sports activities; hence, tennis players will be charged very low prices or even zero Euro to book a court. When I found out that many Norwegian tennis clubs offers free after-school training camp for junior players at different levels, I was shocked. Mixed with happiness and a little jealousy, I enjoyed my tennis training in Norway and made some friends there.


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