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TikTok - Sixty Seconds of Fame

Updated: Jul 31

As the world's most valuable start-up, and the China's first worldwide internet sensation, ByteDance's economic of scale is growing in a very fast rate. However, it is also facing one of the biggest difficulties it has ever faced, i.e. sanction of the US government.

Here's something interesting about ByteDance:

  1. The world's most valuable start-up

  2. China's first worldwide internet sensation: an overall of 800 million monthly active users worldwide

  3. 400 million daily active user account in China- about 57% of users worldwide

  4. 70 million US users

  5. 24.3 million users in Russia

  6. BYTEDANCE is the parent company

  7. $15-20 bn revenue in 2019

  8. Net profit: $7 bn

  9. Douyin & Toutiao are the sources of revenue

  10. Trying to Americanise its operation

  11. More radical plan:

  12. ByteDance global & China, 2 separate entities

  13. Without BD US, the potential value would fall from $500bn to $300bn

  14. Substitutes (competitors)

  15. Youtube Shorts

  16. Roposo in India

  17. Instagram Reels

ByteDance is planning with a radical move attempting to solve this hardship, by separating the BD into BD China and BD global. Nevertheless, the company has also discussed this idea with the British government in February.

If BD is banned by the US government at the end, it will experience a fall in the potential value of the company from $500bn to $300bn. Furthermore, the market in US will still exist and may experience an intense competition among Youtube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and other companies which have decided to enter the tiktok market.

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