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ESpero 2022 in a Nutshell

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

It is mentioned in my earlier posts that I founded my own nonprofit, ESpero (short for ESpero for Innovative Philanthropy). The company started off from a small NFT project, now growing into an international nonprofit with 5 international branches, and over 120 volunteers from the US, Canada, UK, Singapore, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Israel, Ukraine, Norway devoted their services to ESpero. This blog is to record, or wrap up, what we have done in 2022, as an inspiration and motivation for a new start in 2023.

6 Core Team Members

8 Service Projects

1. Refugee Recounts 200+ refugees' stories received. We helped express their voices. A platform for refugees to base their experiences, recounts and stories for the whole world to listen.

2. Minerva Gala (ESpero@North America)

25+ artistic members worked together to raise awareness for human rights issues around the globe: the casualties of war, gender equality, educational equality.

3. NFT Lab 40+ coders and artists came together to create social influence for refugees. A collaborative creation of NFTs by intellectually-inclined high school computer science and digital art enthusiasts to establish a call for action in Ukraine.

4. Through Victim's Lenses 1000+ war photographs and videos by various non-profit organizations aiding refugee efforts in Ukraine. 7 International NGOs' support. International partner - Samaritan's Purse

5. APP Flow

10000+ registered NGO database. 70+ volunteers involved. A collaboration with Safe Refuge. Allowing global users to easily access geographical information about different points on the provided map according to the service each organization provides.

6. Life Saver Project 50+ refugees in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Kherson were provided with medical and food supplies through the help of our local volunteers in Ukraine.

7. Online EDU!

30+ volunteers engaged in an intensive four-months online educational program with Cambodian university students from Siep Reap Village via collaboration with local nonprofit Lakeside Family Services. 70+ Cambodian college students were taught in digital literacy, research 101, and English sessions.

8. Donation to Cambodia

25+ digital devices or 3000+ dollars equivalent devices donated to Cambodian college students to enhance their online education experience. Special thanks to our partner, Chimbusco Petrol.

120+ Volunteers

Appreciation Letter & Volunteer Certificate


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