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ESpero: We Created An APP!

Updated: Jul 31

It is mentioned in my blogs earlier this year that I have founded my own company ESpero. We started off by doing NFTs to record the cultures and historically iconic moments in Ukraine to raise awareness of the severe impact of the war to the rest of the world. A lot of improvements have been made. In short, we established a team consisted of 5-8 software developers and another consisted of 20 artists.

The Background/Problem

While we just finished grinding on the first NFT project, Safe Refuge, an NGO founded by Ukrainians, reached out to us. Their aim was simple: to create an APP that contains all of the newest information about specific nonprofits in European countries.

The groups of friends we worked with from Safe Refuge

The problem they were trying to solve was that when refugees flee from Ukraine to different European countries, they have very high demands for all kinds of support: medication, food, shelter, part-time jobs. However, the information of the resources of each NGO at each location are different and vague. For example, the Red Cross branch in Kyiv may differ in its service (usually providing shelters) comparing to Red Cross Oslo. When refugees flee to many different countries, their needs are urgent. They don't have the time, or even the ability to scroll through different websites of different NGOs written in different languages.

Refugees all over Europe

The Solution

By collaborating with Safe Refuge, we managed to create an APP with over 10000 NGOs' information registered and verified on the APP. ESpero helped create the AI for searching the data base and making conversations with refugees in different languages on social media such as telegram. The people can directly access the data base by asking our AI on telegram about specific support they are seeking. I also personally added informations of some of the contacts and NGOs I worked with during my job in Norway.

What's more, the website of Safe Refuge was also developed by ESpero. Since our goals align the same direction, we charged them zero dollars for this website, but to continue putting in the amount they saved from making the website into helping the people in need.

The official description of the APP

There are many apps that provide information on non-profits in Europe that may be able to assist refugees with their needs. One example is the "Safeway for Refuge", which is a comprehensive resource for refugees and asylum seekers in Europe. It provides information on over 10,000 non-profits in Europe that offer a range of services, including food support, shelter, and medical assistance. The app also includes a directory of emergency contacts, information on legal rights and services, and other resources for refugees. The app is available for download on both Android and iOS devices. Official website of Safe Refuge: Home - SAFE REFUGE

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